My tattoos and their meanings Part 1

So I think this is a long overdue post with pictures of my tattoos and an explanation of the reasoning behind them. I’m going to go in order of when I got them. I currently have two cover ups that I will talk more about.

My very first tattoo: Hatchetman/Juggalette


This one I’m somewhat embarrassed about… I was 18 and told my parents I wanted a tattoo for my birthday. At the time I was very into Psychopathic Records, the label that housed the underground bands Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Dark Lotus, etc. A Juggalette is someone who follows the lifestyle and all that encompasses these bands. Think “Deadheads” (fans of The Grateful Dead). The red hatchetman is the logo of the record label. You have to understand, when I was young, this was my lifestyle… Listening to music that you could relate to and getting stoned. While I will always love Psychopathic, I don’t listen to its music like I used to. Oh, and luckily I got this as a “Tramp Stamp” so no one ever sees it. It’s very raised up because my artist and his wife got in a huge fight minutes before my appointment and he took his anger out on my tattoo. Needless to say my first tattoo hurt like hell. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it covered up. As I feel with most of my tattoos, it’s part of a memory of my life and symbolizes what I’ve been through and overcome.

My 2nd and 3rd tattoos: Half barbwire and Nautical star

So for some stupid reason I went back to the artist who drilled my hatchetman tattoo into me, but he did better this time. These tattoos were somewhat sporadic. The barbed wire I’ve always wanted all the way around my arm since I saw it on Pamela Anderson as a child; classic 90’s tattoo. Unfortunately, I was chicken and had heard the underside of your arm hurts like hell to get tattooed. So I got it across the front of my arm up towards my shoulder. This has since been covered up and I’m braver now that I have more tattoos. The nautical star, I honestly saw it on the wall at the shop and said “I want that on my ankle!” So I got it. Red and Black are my favorite colors, but that’s the only explanation I have for it. I like it, so I don’t think I’ll get it covered up.

4th & 5th Tattoos: Heartagram and Diamond

So I decided I wanted to check out a new artist. I talked to my parents who got really cool tattoos from a guy in Champaign. Long story short, I decided I’d never go to him again. My heartagram has since been covered up and I’m hoping to get my diamond covered up soon. This guy was a total asshole. He was super arrogant and said he couldn’t give me exactly what I wanted for the quoted price. So I had a cool tribal heartagram piece picked out. He tattooed just a heartagram half purple half pink on my wrist. I hated it. I got the heartagram to represent my love for Bam Margera (From Jackass & Viva La Bam) and for the band H.I.M. which Bam was a big fan and friend of. The heartagram is like a pentagram with a heart, it was the symbol for said band. So then I had a picture of a 3-D sparkling diamond. He said he could draw it freehand. Again, when he was done, I looked at it and hated it. He didn’t even ask if I liked them, he just got up and left. $150 WASTED! I was so pissed. Never went to him again…

Stay tuned for more coming tomorrow! I have a total of 15. 😉


August Reviews

 Book: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

I thought this was a great book. It was very suspenseful and made me want to keep reading. Very well written. I recommend looking it up. It’s about 3 different girls from 3 different countries in the middle of World War II. Each of them has their own story but in the end, it all intertwines. Lovely read. Got through it pretty quick.

Image result for bring me the horizon that's the spiritCD/Album: Bring Me The Horizon “That’s the Spirit” I fell in love with this band a few years back. Their CD’s are ones you can listen all the way through without skipping because they are just that good.

Movie: Paddington (2014) I thought this was a great movie. I’m a big fan of anything British so I knew I would like it. It had great special effects and I fell in love with Paddington. There are so many actors and actresses in the movie who play in the Harry Potter movies, so I knew I would like it. A sequel is actually in the works right now and is set to be shown in 2018!

Image result for peach goddess skin frostMakeup product: Jeffree Star Skin Frost Highlighter in Peach Goddess

I’ve only used a select few highlighters. I heard many people rave about this one, so I purchased it. It’s huge too. I got it in Peach Goddess so it would blend well with my blush. I’ve been using this since around Thanksgiving last year. I couldn’t put into words how pleased I am with it. I highly recommend it.