Since I’m done with my Creative Writing class…

I’m going to be posting some of my work from the class on here. I have 7 pieces. 4 poems, a short story, and a play. I just finished the revisions on all of them last night. I have to print them all out with the original before revisions and make it into a portfolio. Stay tuned. I’ll post one tonight and schedule some more for the week.


What I learned by my 27th Birthday

So today’s my 27th birthday. I’ve already learned a few things in 2018. Here they are.

1.) You’re never too old to go to college

Starting college this past fall at the age of 26 has been a wake up call to say the least. I thought I was so smart. Only to find out, all these kids are fresh out of high school and actually paid attention in hig school compared to me who blew it off 10 years ago. I have learned to be aware of your appearance , but don’t give a crap about what other people think of you. I’m in college to get my education, not to make friends. If I make a few friends along the way, that’s nice. Unfortunately when I’m done with college, I’m expected to pay my tuition; not my parents. So I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity and try my hardest to get good grades and learn.

2.) Do not let your life rotate around things

Material things are really nice, I think we all can agree. However, clutter is a different story. Clean out your closet and donate those clothes from 10 years ago that have memories attached. You can’t let an object (especially clothes) dictate how you live your life. Go through things. Throw stuff away. Donate things. Do not let an object control you.

3.) Be thankful for what you have

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. As being a student and not having a job, in my life right now I have all that I need. A house. Food. Water. A husband. A dog and ferrets. We pay our bills. I really can’t say that I need anything right now. (Other than the birthday cake I’ll be eating Sunday.) My husband said he wished we could do something nice for my birthday. My response was “I have all I need”. I’m very fortunate to be where I’m at and I try to be thankful for it.

This was a short post, but I just wanted to share some of the thoughts I have on my golden birthday today!

My thoughts on the process of getting a tattoo

So obviously from my last few posts you can tell I have quite a few tattoos. But hey, why listen to me, right?

First thing I want to talk about is deciding what to get. My general rule is not to go sporadically; pick something out and sit on it for about 3-6 months. Think about what the tattoo means to you. Ask yourself “Why am I getting this?” After you know it’s something you’ve wanted for a while, go get it! This isn’t to say none of my tattoos were sporadic or all have a meaning. From my last post I explained I got my bats because I like bats. That’s it. There is no real meaning to it. I just don’t recommend getting something on a whim where you will regret it later. Spend a lot of time on google or tumblr or Pinterest (or even deviantArt like I do.) Try to find something original. If you have an idea in mind, talk to the artist. I’m sure they’d be glad to draw something up for you!

Next thing I want to talk about is where to get it. DO NOT get your first tattoo based off of what someone else said regarding pain. Everyone’s pain tolerance and bodies are different. Just because my elbow tattoo almost made me pass out doesn’t mean you can’t handle it. The pain scale pictures you see on Facebook aren’t always accurate. So think about the perfect place for your tattoo. Do you want it hidden or to show it off? Are you wanting to make it into a sleeve? There’s many questions you have to ask yourself in this process.

Now, about the pain. Like I said, it’s different for everyone, but I think all of us tattooed people can agree it’s like a burning sensation. Sometimes you have to grit your teeth through the pain, but it’s worth it. Another debated topic is which hurts more, the color or the outline? Personally, it’s always been the color or shading for me.

Now how do you find the perfect tattoo artist? I go by word of mouth. I’ve been through 4 tattoo artists and 2 of these did work out of their house. A lot of people won’t go to someone who does tattoos out of their house. So I encourage you to have a consultation and maybe watch the artist work in their space. Also talk to people they’ve tattooed if you can. They should have sterile needles just opened from the package. The chair should have some sort of sanitary changeable wrapping. The artist should be using gloves when sterilizing all the tools and everything, There’s lots of things to look for. I also have found Facebook and Instagram to be reliable in finding an artist as well. Looking at their work will help you decide if you want to go to them.

Another thing you need to think about is price. Just because the artist is charging you $100 for a tattoo doesn’t mean you walk in, get a tattoo and pay $100. To me it’s just common courtesy to tip your artist, EVEN IF they don’t work in a shop. I try to tip about 20% so 25% of $100 tattoo would mean a $25 tip. Your artist will appreciate it and if you’re lucky they won’t be so heavy handed when tattooing. Tattoos are not cheap. You shouldn’t think you’re getting something the size of a post it note for less than $60. The minimum is usually $50-$60. Some people may think tattoos are expensive, but you’re paying for quality and something you’re going to have on your body for the rest of your life.

I think that’s about everything you need to know. Please let me know if you have questions or there’s something I didn’t talk about!

Review: Octavia Teas

So I go through random bouts where I’m obsessed with tea. Not the kind you get at the grocery store and definitely not the tea that comes in bags. I have my go to local brand, Octavia Tea located in Batavia, IL, a suburb of Chicago. While I’m sure there are other local brands around, this is my favorite, hands down.

On the Octavia Tea website you can look through all different types of tea in 3 different sizes. They even have a section on learning different types of teas and how long each should steep.

When you click on a specific tea, it gives you a detailed description of the tea and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a review or two.

Back to those size options! My favorite thing about this company is you can buy a sample of all the teas. Samples are usually $3 and it’s enough for usually 2-3 cups of tea. Then the next size up is the tin which holds about 1.5 oz of loose leaf tea, about 16 tablespoons. This is usually between $13-15. You can also buy the tea in bulk if you really like it. The bulk size is 1 lb and costs around $30.

Now for my favorite flavors! My absolute fav is English Breakfast. It’s a black tea. (I generally only drink black, oolong, or white). If you steep it long enough but not too long you get a smooth taste. Another smooth blend is the Amber Dragon, an oolong. It has a natural honey like taste. I also like the black tea Afternoon Darjeeling. It’s a fruity natural taste.

I’m a fan of Chai but the only chai tea of theirs I like is the White Chai. The Chocolate Chai is a very different taste. Chocolate Earl Grey has a different taste as well.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite teas. Feel free to visit Octavia Teas here. Happy tea drinking from your favorite mad hatter. 😉

Starting my 2nd semester

So I was very nervous to start my second semester of community college. Today was my second day.

So far I’m really looking forward to my World Religions, American Literature, and Creative Writing classes. Hoping they help mold me into becoming a better author. Also crossing my fingers for more A’s this semester.

I’m taking on a full load, 5 classes instead of 4 which I had last semester. Thus far, all my teachers are amazing. I’m just a bit discouraged that I already have so much homework. Hopefully I can catch up.

So I finished my book last week. One of my friends decided to be a beta reader and gave me some discouraging feedback so I’m at a standstill at this point. My editor won’t have a chance to edit until probably February so it’s looking like maybe late February, early March it will get published. Logan and I are still currently working on the cover. Hoping to get that done soon for promos.

If you’ve read my books, please give me words of encouragement. I’m really feeling like a crappy writer right now.

Life Update

So I got my hair cut. Short. Again… [lol] I also colored it blue. I think it looks lovely. I loved my hair blue. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments so far. I believe it suits me.

I start school a week from this coming Monday. I’m so excited, anxious, and nervous. I’m interested to see how much homework I have for each class. I’m really excited for the Intro to Psychology and Literature in Film classes. I’m just worried Logan won’t have been switched to nights my first day of class. They still haven’t let him know much about when he’s being moved. You see, we only have one car…

It’s going to be so nice when he gets that extra pay per week. I have a credit card that is almost maxed out and another credit card that is maxed out. I’m just excited to get out of debt and be able to pay off my college tuitions.

However, I’m not looking forward to Logan not being beside me when I go to sleep at night. Ever since we moved in together I have always had the fear that someone is going to break into our house in the middle of the night and I’m not going to wake up for it. So now, he’s going to be working from 7PM-7AM and I’m scared to sleep by myself.

I thought about getting a gun. Then I remembered I have been suicidal in the past and it’s probably not a good idea for me to have a gun. I told Logan if he ever wanted to get one to keep it where I couldn’t access it. Since we will have the extra income I’m thinking about getting a security system. We’ll see.

Once we get most of everything paid off, we can finally get another car, start upgrading the house, get central air conditioning installed, and get both of us some well over due dental work. I know I have high hopes. I just hope it all works out and I don’t jinx it.

I posted my August reviews. I know it’s a bit early. I questioned if I should do a “CD” review since I don’t believe anyone buys CD’s anymore except me. I did include it with a link to the album on Amazon in case you want to sample it or buy it.

Not that much has been going on. I’ve been helping my Aunt with stuff for an upcoming court date. I’ve been spending too much money on my credit card online. I always buy so much clothing and makeup! That’s about all that’s going on here. I apologize for not writing recently. I’ve been out of ideas on what to write about. Hope you all are well!

If you’re so “pansexual” have you even been with any girls?

A lot of people underestimate me when it comes to my sexuality. Especially since I’m married and have been with the same cis male for almost 10 years now. If you must know, I’ve been with 2 girls. I didn’t “date” either of them per se, but I did things with them sexually and got very close to them. I still find girls attractive and I’m sure if something happened between my husband and me, I’d probably be quick to seek out a girl or trans boy.

The first girl was when I was I think a junior in high school. She was dating one of my best guy friends. God, she was beautiful. I look at her facebook today and she still looks as amazing as the first day I met her. She’s got long wavy blonde hair. Beautiful eyes. Big boobs. (lol) She was and still is just beautiful. I got very close to her in high school. The joke was I had sex with her before her boyfriend (my guy friend) did. I will never forget all the nights at her house. The adventures. Watching movies. Kissing. It just felt so right. Maybe because the guy I was with at the time felt so wrong. I have this fond memory of seeing her over the summer before senior year at the mall. I was with my mom walking around. Next thing I know this girl jumps on me and hugs me, pushing me to the ground. It was so awkward but again, it felt so right. To this day, I still have feelings for her. She will always hold a piece of my heart. I will always love you MandaBoo. ❤

The 2nd girl, is kind of a funny story as well. You see, she was dating my uncle who is a year older than me. I found out about her through an ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. They were best friends. She also had long blonde hair and big boobs. I have a thing for blondes. I remember just chatting with her on myspace about nothing. One night her best friend (my ex’s ex) drove her over to my house at like 1AM. I went out there and I saw her, we instantly just clicked. We made out in front of my house for like half an hour. It was amazing. She was a great kisser. Not that the above girl wasn’t. We did some sexual things. My uncle never found out I had a fling with her. I don’t know what happened. We just kind of lost touch. We both moved on.

I have never been with a trans boy but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been attracted to trans boys for as long as I can remember. It started with tomboys, then the androgynous girls. Then in high school, I met my first trans boy. He was so cute. We texted back and forth for about a week then he moved to the alternative school so we also lost touch.

I know this may have been a little bit too much information for some of my readers but I tried not to get too graphic. I just wanted to make a point that I am in fact pansexual and I have, in fact, been with 2 girls, for the record. Not that I should have to validate myself. 😉