Video games in the marriage?

Some people ask me “How does your marriage work when your husband is a gamer?”

Well, simple, really. We compromise. We set aside time each night to watch TV together or talk, and we also set aside a few hours later in the night for him to play video games with his friends (online, not in real life) and me to play Sims 4 on my laptop or write.

Being a gamer isn’t something you should sarcastically say “Oh God…” to. I think it’s actually pretty healthy. After all, he could be doing something else with his time like talking to other girls, drinking, partying… So in the end, is gaming really that bad?

My Grandparents get a little annoyed when my husband doesn’t come with me to visit them, they ask what he’s doing. “He’s at home playing video games.” Their generation doesn’t understand the hype over video games. I think people don’t understand how much skill and logical thinking is required to play video games. It’s not something you can just start doing over night and call yourself a gamer.

My husband is a super logical person. He’s great in a panic situation. I learned that when my sister got her arm tore open by a dog about a month ago. She was bleeding all over my carpet and bathroom and I just went blank. I had no idea what to do other than taking her to the hospital. He wrapped her arm up and told her to keep it elevated. I was very thankful for him that night. However, I should’ve already known he was good in panic situations. Every time I’ve ever had a panic attack or mental meltdown, he’s always been there to talk me through it and make me take a xanax. I’m forever grateful for my husband.

To make your marriage work, you have to compromise. You also need to have time to pursue your hobbies on your own. He wants to play video games with his friends for 3 hours? That’s fine. At least he’s having fun and doing something he enjoys. He doesn’t have many friends in the real world so I applaud him for making friends online that he can talk to. I’ve even heard him give them advice, something he’s great at (because of his logical thinking).

I hope this brings a new light to gamers. They aren’t bad. It’s just what they like to do. Let them play games. Let them be happy!


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Hi There! I’m Nikkole Watkins. I was born and raised here in Central Illinois since 1991. I’m a married mother of 4 ferrets and a dog. I love to read, write, listen to music, hang out with family, learn about people and new things, and sip tea and coffee.

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